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I(A).U(V).R(omiga) -> :RF: green learner

aseembler -> :x86: and :ARM: software security and hardware driver

C/C++ -> :C++: is hard to use; however, I like to play with compiler

Java/C# -> A little :web service: experience; research on :search engine:

Python/Django + AngularJS -> :Website: green learner

HTML/CSS -> :small tools: platform

Ruby -> explore :game engine: with RPG Maker for fun

ActionScript/flex -> make :tiny games: for children~ :D

D3.js/Processing.js -> research on :information visualization:

virtual machine -> my :job:

interested in:

- write lyrics and compose songs, **:note:** Do Re Mi life
- medical herb and food, **:tasty:** life
- hiking and bicycling, **:running:** life
- painting green learner, **:eye:** life

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