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I'm passionate about coding and researching the history of technology as well as exploring where technology is leading.

I used to work in flight simulation doing both hardware implementation (electrical design, wiring), web development (design, development, webmaster), as well as software development (desktop development in C#).

I cut my teeth on C# by building a multi-screen touch interface for a flight simulator that communicated with a SEL/32-77 Host (80's era minicomputer) and I've been hooked since.

I'm a big fan of both using and contributing to Open source projects.

Projects I've worked on:

I've done everything from designing websites to parsing ARINC-424 data from binary. It doesn't really matter to me, I enjoy the challenge even if that means spending hours digging through technical specifications.

Lately I've been playing with Node.js and AngularJS to do some interesting things.

On the side I webmaster a few small content-driven sites. They're hosted as static HTML in production but on the backend I leverage Google App Engine for templating and a python/urllib script for static content generation much like Jekyll. My latest challenge is figuring out how to push everything to the client so I can use AngularJS for templating but be able to de-angularize the SPA into a traditional static site using a combination of CasperJS and NodeJS.

I keep coming back to Stack Overflow because it keeps reminding me of how little I know about software development. What interests me about software development is the potential for improvement as platforms continue to develop and stabilize. I thrive in environments riddled with chaos because those are the places where there is the most potential for improvement and creativity.

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