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My contributions to Stack Exchange sites are available under the terms of the CC0.

It is, however, probably still wise (and certainly polite) to include the URL from which you got something as a comment in your code.

I am fascinated by computers, and have been since before I could read. My favorite programming languages are Haskell and Python, and I'm no stranger to C.

My childhood was spent on DOS and Windows 95. After learning to read, I managed to learn the basics of programming with the help of The Secret Guide to Computers, GWBASIC, UCBLogo, LADYBUG Logo, and some LOGO book(s) I can't recall the names of. I didn't much like GWBASIC, but at least it had a printed reference manual. I had also tried QBASIC, but had trouble with the online help, which I later decided was probably because all of the text was in the same font (making it hard to tell the verbatim code from the other notation).

[... Windows, VB, DJGPP, Cygwin, Mindstorms, POV-RAY ...]

Eventually I bought my own computer and installed a copy of Linux, and that's when I really began to learn how computer systems work: technical documentation for most things was available online, and if that wasn't enough to satisfy my curiosity I could look at the source code.

[... Python ... Haskell ...]

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