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answered Refresh panel when a button in clicked
comment How to accelerate the draw of several JTextFields?
@user3151927: As you've been asked, provide code that's a runnable example of your problem. I drew 225 JTextFields in less than 300 milliseconds, which was your title question.
answered How to accelerate the draw of several JTextFields?
comment Java code to UML class diagram using Antlr and yuml or any other like yuml
A quick Google search led me to…
comment Java RandomAccessFile read numbers into an integer array
Read 25% of the integers from the input file using the BufferedReader class. Sort them, and write them to a file. Repeat 3 times, reading a quarter of the input file each time. Match / merge the 4 sorted files into one file.
answered Simon Says won't show sequence
comment How does one keep track of all the components in a Java Application?
I'm having a hard time visualizing your application without a picture. Generally, I create a class for each panel. Sometimes, I create a class for a piece of a panel if the panel is complicated. When creating a GUI, you should use the model / view / controller pattern to separate concerns.
comment Digital Timer Help to stop timer and user input
That has to be one of the worst GUI layouts I've seen.
revised Digital Timer Help to stop timer and user input
Brought image inline, added Swing tag
comment How to handle Database connection inside TimerTask
The short answer is yes, you have to make a DBConnection each and every time you want to create, read, update, or delete database information.
comment Why does this code not read in order? (graphics)
Yes, each graphics object requires it's own reference to Object, or in other words, you have to create an instance of Object for each and every graphics object you want to draw.
comment Why does this code not read in order? (graphics)
The variable sqr is a reference to an Object. You can make changes to sqr even after you add the reference to GraphicsProgram, although it's not recommended to do so. As you've seen, it makes it harder for people (including you) to read and understand your code.
comment Java: Reorder elements of a multi-dimentional array
"Is there any better way to permute the array dimensions than creating a new Array and copy the old one element by element?" No, not in Java. In other languages, you can assume array elements are contiguous and can grab a dimension with one memory process, although memory moves are still done one address at a time.
comment Swing Application as server to host web services
You built the Swing application using "floreant pos", so you would know better than I. You need to pull out the model from your Swing application and put them in a web server. That way, your Swing code can access the web server, and your mobile app can access the web server. I hope you used the model / view / controller pattern when building your Swing application. The model goes on the web server.
comment Swing Application as server to host web services
I completely understand why you're stuck. A REST web service converts a URL into a result. The process of converting a URL to a result requires a server like Tomcat. It cannot be done with a Swing application..
answered What is the relationship behind a master table and a transaction table?
comment how to create live tile icons interface using java
The Java language is not supported by Microsoft for making live tile applications.
comment Download completeDB as CSV
Join your tables together, and export the result as a CSV file.
comment Java *version itself very slow in our iseries environment
What other workload is running on the slower iSeries?
comment Speech to Text Recognition
Sometimes, really good software ideas are hard. I mean hard as in taking decades of computer science research hard.