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Young, enthusiastic, and hard working software engineer who loves the field and is always looking for something new to learn. Currently employed at an enterprise software development company that produces financial and operational management software for the waste management industry. Has worked in the past (since about 2008) on small independent projects and web consulting, and is currently spending his free time working on small projects to further his knowledge in other computer-related fields. Published an iPhone app that has been relatively successful (appstore.com/forgetnomore). Recently started a blog about software development and advanced system programming. Working on an indie game project currently, code name "Nightshade", a new iPhone app called "Cogito", updating "Forget No More", website and IT consulting, and various projects at my job. Also, check out my website.

  • Favorite Programming Languages: Javascript/C#/C++
  • Favorite Web Framework: AngularJS
  • Favorite Web Server Software: Node.js
  • Favorite OS: Mac OS X
  • Favorite Mobile OS: iOS 7
  • Favorite Linux Distro: Ubuntu

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