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Das is a carbon-based form of life that creates software. He is a personality Z-type individual with an interest in computers, chess and the weather. He has been a hardcore linux fanboy for about 15 years now and has been trying to dismantle the existential constructs of his inner being. When he is not deconstructing aforementioned existential constructs, he likes to place-and-route deep-submicron vlsi things, conjure riddles, and consume an infinite amount of coffee. He believes in affirmation. He likes high fidelity, consuming curiosity and intellectual abstractions. He dislikes tedium and non-determinism. He is not motivated by conventional rewards such as social approval or money. His mission in life is to bring about positive and transformational change in the world through positive actions. Just like his guru Richard Stallman, he is not in favor of equality of outcomes but wants to prevent horrible outcomes. His guiding philosophy is "Be excellent. Aspire to be awesome.". He does not believe in labels that are assigned on the basis of arbitrary taxonomies like ancestry, geography, and ethnic origin since they are not based on a science that is grounded in any type of objective reality. He believes in labels based on merit which is to say, that he believes that he is a good person.

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