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I have been programming professionally since 1971 when I abandoned my freshman year of college. Since then I have accumulated over 35 patents.

  • Started coding realtime process control systems in assembler at Computer Identics.
  • As sole programmer at Cybermation I wrote the 2D cutting industry's first parameterized CNC system. Amazingly this system is still in use!
  • At Digital (working in BLISS) for the spanking new from the ground up VAX-11 Pascal V2 I designed and implemented the language frontend, a pre-compiled header mechanism, and a dynamic programming code selector.
  • At Apollo Computer I designed the instruction set and issue architecture for the "moderately wide instruction word" DN10K. Went on to architect the DN10K's SSA-based compiler backend. I designed the intermediate language and implemented the graph-coloring register allocator. That backend included a software pipeliner with the first commercially available implementation of Monica Lan's modulo scheduling technique.
  • Back again at Digital within the Alpha CPU group I conceived and lead the software-only FX!32 binary translation project.
  • At Chromtic Research I co-architected hardward-supported binary translation (resulting in my largest collection of patents).
  • At Netezza I started by writing the high-speed loader. I conceived the transparent FPGA-supported columnar compression scheme and lead the project to get it shipped. I went on to reimplement completely the disk storage system and access methods (aka zone maps). This resulted in storage transactions and clustered base tables.
  • Currently (re)implementing the storage and access layers for SparqlCity's in-memory shared-nothing MPP graph database.

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