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I like code. It's perfect stuff, if you do it right. And, if you don't, it's like a puzzle. A long game of what-the-heck-did-I-do-wrong-this-time. And, if you give up on that game, you can always start over and pray that you're paying even better attention this time, than you had been last time. But you were pretty sure you were paying attention last time, had closed all your tags properly, capitalized/uncapitalized things correctly...

Oh shoot, now you've been not paying attention for the past four minutes. Who knows what has gone wrong since you zoned out and went on auto-pilot. That's what happened last time, before you had to delete hours and hours of coding.

The moment of truth. Do you start over now, and only lose about fifteen or thirty minutes of effort, or do you keep going, praying to the jellybean overlords that you haven't forgotten anything this time, that your code will have the structural integrity to hold through?

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