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Note : if you are going to argue the finer points of code but you don't have github or linked in or unwilling to provide details about your professional background, I don't care if you have 1 billion rep and 100 years here. If your an expert why are you hiding :)

Also : if you want to debate in comments section then provide your own answer. the community decides.

I am not sure what I like more Mountain climb, Ice Climbing or coding in life. They are all good and passionate art.

I have coded many years both as a hobby and as a professional. I remember writing code for paper tape and bunch cards and working with my Uncles kit computer.

My first commercial project was back in 1988 using gopher for provide information for my fellow students and linking different pages together with that.

My favourite language was Perl long ago to build a early map of top ten songs from 1940 through to the radio stations change of format in the late 1980's. That was for Chum Limited in Toronto way back in 1994. With a novell unix and perl because items like mySql and such did not exist.

Lots of work including Netscape server (early server side javascript, node was not the first).

Lately, I am more into Machine learning, robotics etc. Though now of late I have been playing with Javascript (much improved), C++ and Java. I try to just have fun as life is short.

I am mostly tolerant except for those who really can't open their minds to other ways or assume they are always right without a proof of concept. So if you say something is wrong all I have to say is "prove it".

Learning that when I tell people to change the input separator, to not expect miracles of though and needing to spoon people basics.

Basics like [0-9] is \d in regular expression, please just argue the point and keep writing your bad [0-9]

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