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comment How to manage (or eliminate) parallel class hierarchies?
The two class hierarchies are more different than I represented them to be and I edited my question to reflect this. For example, I use my domain objects to perform data validation, to determine whether they should be visible/hidden, and to handle other business rule centric operations. The UI class hierarchy is only concerned with how to represent one of the domain objects (i.e. fields) in a specific UI tech. Currently, the UI tech is Asp.Net WebControls, but I could easily swap it out to be MVC HtmlHelpers in the future. For this reason, I don't think I can merge the two families together.
comment Use DataTemplate in WPF with a mocked object
If you expect a helpful response, you're going to have be more specific. Is an exception being thrown? Are your Moq method setups not being verified?
comment using a Singleton to pass credentials in a multi-tenant application a code smell?
I mostly agree with your points, especially about making the setter of the singleton more transparent, and less reliant on HttpContext.
comment ASP.NET- forcing child/container events to fire before parent onload?
I'll give this a try tonight.