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I've mainly been using C# and .NET over the past few years, but I have experience with C, C++, and Java as well. I've been involved in the medical imaging industry for most of my career. Right now I'm self employed and working as a consultant.

The primary project I have worked on over the past several years is the open source ClearCanvas ImageServer.

You can also find me on Twitter.

comment Self Signed Certificate in Windows without makecert?
We actually ended up changing the bindings and not using a server side certificate. Setting up a procedure to install Microsoft Certificate Services, as mentioned below is probably the preferred method, but it would be great if an alternate solution was come up with.
comment What is the attribute that identifies that a study is complete
What's the context that you want to determine the completion date? Is it when receiving an MPPS from a modality, or after receiving a Storage Commit? Do you want to see the status when doing a query of an archive? Are you thinking of using the Instance Availability service? Some more information on the context would help.
comment Getting the value of a DropDownList after client side javascript modification
Thanks for the feedback, I intended the quest to concern how to get the selected value on the server side, not the client side. I've edited the post.
comment How can my WinForms app get the users MachineID or ProcessorID?
As mentioned below, I'd suggest the MAC address from one of the network cards.
comment Best practices for executing SQL Server Scripts from a .NET Application?
I'm leaning towards SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(). We have a version table in the DB, and will have defined scripts to upgrade between versions, which will all be under source code control. The application this is for has a home-grown ORM, I'm specifically working on the installer for the app.
comment ASP.NET Ajax Error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException
A user of our software is seeing a very similar error. I'm wondering if a solution to this problem was ever found?
comment ASP Ajax Calendar Extender and displaying time
Thanks for the tip on the jquery plugin. I was having the same problems with the ASP.NET AJAX DateTime calendar control, and looking for alternatives.
comment Managed C++ Assembly Attributes
One very minor thing, this worked, but a semicolon must be added to the end of the statement.
comment Managing feature creep in GUIs
I would concur with the use of Scrum. If you can get the organization to buy into the methodology, its a great way to control feature creep and make explicit decisions on what features are of the highest priority.