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Java, Flash, C++, music, and bots! I own The SO Tavern, and frequent Tavern on the Meta. I'm also in my home room Java and can be found in RegEx and a few other rooms if you need me. Here's a gem from the tavern on the Meta:

I ♥ Overworld.

I was a developer of a Minecraft network which now no longer exists, among other roles, with a passionate interest in inanimate things such as physics, math, dimensions, and idiomatic code.

I come from Earth, and stay at Centaurus sometimes. More specifically, HKSAR, which is somewhere in Asia.

Stack Exchange is a great place, especially how everyone is a unique character and are given full control over how they can be contacted. I've met a lot of amazing people and learnt a lot from reading the quality and sophisticated threads, and are grateful for what I've got from here. Ever since I've gotten the vote to close privilege, I wanted to help! I also authored some interesting queries on SEDE, such as:

  • Characters per Score (CpS) by user on answers +
  • Tags on pending burnination?
  • Comments like "What have you tried" where an accepted answer is present
  • I offer all content I author on the Stack Exchange network also under The MirOS Licence in addition to “cc-wiki” (CC-BY-SA 2.5 or 3.0). I urge everyone else contributing here to do the same.

    I was also once the second top user in the participation leagues.

    If you like my work and would like to buy some, please get in touch. ;) Due to the low volume of e-mails I get, if you send me a email message, you actually will get a personal reply!

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