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I currently work at a technical support call center for a phone, TV, and internet provider.

comment Sequence number in a midi file. How does it work?
-1: The Sequence Number does not indicate "the start of actual MIDI events", it's just an optional ID number that applies to the entire song (aka "sequence"). Note: MIDI events are everything that's not a meta event. (MIDI events are sent out on a MIDI cable. Meta events are additional information in the MIDI file that can't be sent out on a MIDI cable.) Imagine if a MIDI file program stops scanning for a track name once it encounters a MIDI event in the track. Because of that possibility, you should put meta events that apply to the entire track at time zero and before MIDI events.
comment What encoding/code page is cmd.exe using when it is started?
@user1462402: Win+R means hold down the Windows key and press the R key. In other words, Anders is suggesting you use the Start Menu Run box to open cmd.exe /D.
comment Client Web Browser Behavior When Handling 301 Redirect
@Jesper Rønn-Jensen: The questions are asking about different things (if a bookmark address is changed; if the connection to the old server is skipped).