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comment c++ print array contents in reverse with pointer - why does this method work?
Building on juanchopanza's hint, you have to consider the code as a whole. numPtr is, as you know, a pointer, and its value can change throughout execution. Think through the logic of the code, and see if you can figure out how it changes.
comment Assignment operator creates pointer and doesn't make deleting possible
Is this just fancy OOP terminology that I don't know? What is a "register class"?
comment Datagridivew DefaultCellStyle Font Size is being reset by visual studio designer. C#
Fonts are inherited from the parent, in this case the form.
revised Disable “Close Window” on the taskbar for Inno Setup
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comment How can I force Microsoft Telnet to send whole sentences instead of single characters?
It is off-topic for Stack Overflow, as far as I can tell, because it is not a programming question. That is the reason people have voted to close. Actually, if I remember correctly, they've voted to migrate it to Super User, where it would be more on-topic, since it's about using a software application bundled with Windows.
comment Disable “Close Window” on the taskbar for Inno Setup
What? That's the Inno Setup Compiler. You can't modify that. Are you trying to disable the close button for your own setup? If so, why? If the user wants to cancel setup, let them. Pretty sure there's a "Cancel" button on the dialog, too.
comment How can I find out which css properties that need browser prefixes?
You'd be better off using something that automatically generated the prefixes. Investigate Compass or Autoprefixer. Not worth your time trying to keep up with the required prefixes.
comment logbook w.r.t gregorian calendar
What is your question?
comment How can I force Microsoft Telnet to send whole sentences instead of single characters?
Please do not use code formatting for things that are not code. For example, "Microsoft Telnet" is not code.
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comment C# application not running
If this doesn't work on your computer, then your computer is broken. Not a problem that Stack Overflow can help you to fix.
comment Windows Spell Checking Service: Is there additional information available?
The documentation you linked to appears to have a sample project. I don't know if there are .NET bindings; probably not, it is a very new API and likely hasn't been added to .NET. There might be a third-party implementation, but you'll need Google to find that, not Stack Overflow.
answered How does modulus differ in C# vs. Excel?
comment Showing vs. Hiding Line Numbers
So, what is your question? You want us to explain to you why someone might want line numbers hidden? That's really not a good question for Stack Overflow. There are lots of different reasons, and no way to come to a consensus. One reason I hide them is, in normal development, they just take up room for little reason. I'll turn them on again if I'm debugging from a trace that has line numbers.
comment Hard Drive error after deleting Recovery Partition
Likely, your boot files were also stored on the recovery partition. Boot the system with your Windows install CD and reinstall. If you don't have a Windows install CD, make a bootable flash drive from your laptop. And peruse the About to see why this is not an appropriate site for your question.
comment Visual Studio C++: what's creating these threads?
This is really difficult for me to answer without seeing some actual code. Are you creating threads in your project? In other words, these 4 dialogs that you have, are you trying to display them on separate threads? That is not going to work well, all UI should occur on a single thread.
comment Network protocol
By "protocol suite", there is a good chance that they're referring to TCP/IP.
comment null terminated character is not recognized
Yeah, IInspectable is right, I missed that on first glance. You'll need to do as Joachim has already explained and use a constructor for std::wstring that takes an explicit length. The problem you're running into is that all Windows API functions require wide strings, and std::string is a narrow string. If you switch over to using std::wstring for everything, you won't have any problems calling API functions.
comment How to resolve this System.Security.SecurityException
The message tells you what and where the problem is. At this point, we can't help you any more than that. You didn't post repro code.
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