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comment Is it a known bug that PHP-Redis in PHP 5.6 crashes if setting a key value to NULL?
segfault in which module? have you debugged this?
revised Issue on Printing Array With HTML <pre> element
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revised Deleting File From Server After Session Ends
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revised PHP: Performance: splat operator or reflection
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comment Internet relay chat , how can I implement it without using and existing service?
Could you please elaborate which of the documents listed in the answers in Programming a simple IRC (Internet-Relay-Chat) Client didn't contain any of the information you're looking for?
comment Eloquent or Query builder search utilising pivot table
you query relations with has instead of where from top of my head.
comment while loop crashing my browser
better re-create from scratch. don't just take over from the original code and remove. just produce the problem with as little code as necessary.
comment laravel check first part of URL e.g. domain.com/THIS-PART
And the value of $sUri is what in case you can't detect it?
comment Eloquent or Query builder search utilising pivot table
try what you want to do, it should already work. laravel-4 has that.
comment Unsure about this PHP error
It's called an error message and it's worth to understand it before continuing. "Thanks for any help" is nice, however just dropping the error message, the line of error and the whole code is not sufficient for a question on Stackoverflow. You actually have to ask a concrete programming question that is on topic. See the help center for a fair share of information how to create the question you want to to get the answers you're looking for. Most often question and answer are on site already (that's then super-fast).
comment while loop crashing my browser
@LetMeLearn123: Please see here: sscce.org (and similar sites). That should give you a good start.
comment PHP not recognizing HTTP_GET
Your question is "Why is PHP not recognizing http_get();" - this has been answered already. Especially the part how you find out the extension that is missing is explained there. However, it requires reading. That is different to just pushing a question in, you must actually read what is written there. And it requires you to look that function up in the PHP manual. Let me know if this is not suitable for you, I actually was confident you can handle that.
comment while loop crashing my browser
the problem is "too many rows". please search before you ask. and for codeexamples in questions: do not post your live code. instead create a new example from scratch that demonstrates your issue with a little code as necessary.
comment PHP not recognizing HTTP_GET
see here for trouble shooting information with that error: stackoverflow.com/a/12784048/367456
comment What happens to an app developed in php when a new php version is release?
Your question is to broad. There is a lot that can be said about the topic, but it would not fit the Stackoverflow format. Perhaps related questions like stackoverflow.com/q/14214051/367456 give some pointers, the php manual contains upgrade unstructions/compatibility notes for each version step and every built in function or feature has the version constraints documented: php.net/docs
comment PHP : Mcrypt or Bcrypt, Which is more suitable for storing password?
@jvs: If you need to ask multiple questions at once, what you ask for is most likely too broad for Stackoverflow. If you like join the chat (requires 10 reputation).
comment Wordpress Multsite wp-admin page isnt redirecting properly
You can't. Have it at example.com/ if you want to make use of multisite.
comment Laravel Code working on the Localhost but Fail on the server
maybe someone has injected data so that it's not only a simple number any longer?
comment format mysql table creation
yes, you need to read up every of those error messages in the according documentation (using an internet search engine most often already give good results, but checking with the original documentations is much better: mysql + the one of your operating system / shell)
revised format mysql table creation
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