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comment How to stop MPMoviePlayerViewController's automatic dismiss on moviePlaybackDidFinish?
This is a better answer because if you don't do this (at least in iOS 7) then there is no way for the user to dismiss the controller at all. With this approach you get "what you want" in that the controller appears and then stays around until the user explicitly tells it to go away. If that's not what you want, well, then don't do it this way :)
comment Mac OSX Lion DNS lookup order
This appears to have been my issue as well. I had a symlink to a file in my dropbox folder, which used to work and which I thought was mighty clever. It would appear that Apple no longer finds this clever. I also did a full real restart using Option-restart after moving it from a symlink to a real file. Everything seems happy now.
comment Getting iPhone GO button to submit form
We took the same approach, but instead of margin-left we just pushed it back using z-index and hide it under our graphical button by using some position relative fun.