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I began working as a professional developer with on-the-job training at a small document management firm in the Atlanta area.

I began learning to program for iOS as a side project late in 2009 when iPhone OS 3 was the latest and greatest!

In the Summer of 2010, I moved into a new role at a large research medical university hospital, where I was tasked with writing functionality for a SQL Server-based electronic medical record software suite. During this time, I continued writing iOS applications in the medical industry.

After working at this job for several years, I decided to strike out on my own. I am now the owner of a software consulting firm specializing in .NET Desktop development and iOS apps. I have professional relationships with several local businesses and two nationally-recognized research medical universities.

If you ever find my code posts to be useful, please consider this to my be license (copied wholesale from Sinan Ünür):

All original source snippets I post on StackOverflow.com, and other sites in the StackExchange network, are dedicated to the public domain. If you do find value in my answers, I would very much appreciate an attribution and acknowledgement where possible.

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