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I’m a jovial, pro-test driven (sometimes test after) development software architect and coder. I generally am in the C# .NET world of ASP.NET, WF, WCF, Web Services, and the whole list of “key words”. I love what I do and commonly add a very business oriented, get the job done, agile (sometimes eXtreme), and entrepreneurial effort to my work. I also like to mentor (or teach), write (re: blog), and even work on projects in addition to work related projects.

I also do dozens of other things ranging from drifting (when I can get or have a car to do so with), playing heavy metal, blues, or a bit of jazz (guitar). I also travel a lot, the majority by train, like to explore new cities, and also love to discuss sustainable buildings, transit, transportation, and vehicles in general (airplanes, cars, or trains). I however never get to do any of these things as much as I’d like to, but I have a continual blast doing them when I can, and one day maybe I’ll get that action pushed through congress to change the day to 32 hours instead of 24. Or maybe not.

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