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I'm a PostgreSQL admin/developer, sysadmin, multi-language programmer (lately mostly Java and Java EE, previously C, C++, Python and good old bash) and general IT JOAT.

I work for 2nd Quadrant, a global PostgreSQL consultancy.

I maintain a technical blog at blog.ringerc.id.au. My PostgreSQL writing now appears on the 2nd quadrant blog.

I'll work in most programming languages with varying degrees of competence, though I'll only reluctantly touch PHP or Perl code. I'm more interested in the libraries, tools, and the code that's built on top of the language.

Most of my scrap code lives on https://github.com/ringerc . Most of my open source code is in the form of scattered patches across too many different bugzillas and JIRAs, rather than single new projects. Over time I've done a lot of work on Scribus and PoDoFo, but have moved away from both projects as my focus and interests changed. I contribute patches - rather infrequently - to PostgreSQL and to various Java EE 6 infrastructure components. Most of my contribution is now non-code, in the form of:

  • Detailed bug reporting with test cases, which I spend an unpleasant proportion of my development time preparing and submitting, mostly against JBoss and java.net projects.
  • User support for PostgreSQL on mailing lists and here on SE
  • PostgreSQL patch review and beta testing
  • Usability review of Java EE libs/tools, as well as usability review of PostgreSQL and its tools
  • Writing, editing and enhancing documentation, HOWTOs, etc
  • Blogging in detail on topics likely to be useful to others.

I've turned into a git fiend and no longer understand why anybody uses anything else. I'm also becoming increasingly obsessive about testing, particularly with the advent of Jenkins CI and Arquillian.

comment django sql backend strange output with timestamp/epoch
For the 2nd, the result isn't null, it's the empty set []. print repr(data) to see, or if you're on the python interactive console, just type data<enter> . Anyway - I think you need to show the underlying SQL and the actual raw value in the table. Try SET extra_float_digits = 3; SELECT version(); SELECT * from databasehistory where "timestamp" BETWEEN 1409221590.7 AND 1409221590.8 or something like that. Also show the output of SHOW integer_datetimes;.
comment Doctrine2 DQL and stock procedure issue
This is full of mismatched errors and typos. Have you edited or "anonymized" any of it? converCurrency or convertCurrency (missing t)? convert_devise or convert_currency? Etc.
revised Doctrine2 DQL and stock procedure issue
Please read the formatting guidance and preview your questions
comment Rails query doesn't work without pluck
As a database developer bought here by the postgresql tag, not a rails person, what's a "pluck"?
revised Rails query doesn't work without pluck
This is Rails stuff, fixing title to reflect that
comment Postgresql 9.1 add nullable column costs more than 10 minutes
Well, I can tell you part of it: Altering a column type to another type that isn't binary compatible actually creates a new column, copies the data, and sets the old column as dropped. However, SET NOT NULL doesn't alter the type, it just adds a constraint - but the constraint must be checked against the table, and that requires a full table scan. 9.4 improves some of these cases by taking weaker locks, but it's still pretty heavyweight.
comment why is it much faster running sql under PostgreSQL than running sql using RPostgreSQL package?
When you say "directly under PostgreSQL" do you mean psql, the command line client? Or what?
comment Permission Denied exception in PostgreSql
@Saj "I'm on windows 2008" is the kind of detail you put in the original question, especially when dealing with things like permissions errors. I copy the relevant part of my answer below: This isn't PostgreSQL SQL-level permissions. It's filesystem level permissions on the underlying tables. This should never happen in normal correct operation of the database server. Somebody's been messing with the PostgreSQL data directory directly, or something's broken in the file system. Had any recent fsck runs? Hard crashes/shutdowns? Disk faults?
comment Postgresql 9.3: Cannot read data from a certain host
For future reference, please add command output etc as edits to your questions. It's way easier to read. My first guess, like Scott, would be an exclusive lock held somewhere, but it's pretty hard to see what'd affect \d and not everything else. I would be checking the server's dmesg, and probably strace'ing the backend to see what it was doing when it got stuck, or attaching gdb to see what it was doing.
answered heroku postgreslq push one table
comment Postgres Text data type truncation issue
Thanks for including your version. It's also helpful if you include details like the language and client driver being used, if you're connecting with a particular application framework or program.
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Not 9.3 specific
comment How to select a repeatable random number with setseed in postgres sql?
With the first one, did you run that as two separate statements from your application? Or did you send it as a single string containing both statements?
comment How to select a repeatable random number with setseed in postgres sql?
@ClodoaldoNeto Ah, so you think they're running two statements in a single application API call. Good guess, though nice to explain.
answered pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: operator does not exist: integer ~~ unknown\n
answered PostgreSQL locks after 6th execution of the same query
revised pg_dump vs pg_dumpall? which one to use to database backups?
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comment Error: `gyp` failed with exit code: 1 while installing jugglingdb-postgres
@SatyamKoyani PATH is an environment variable. UNIX 101. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PATH_(variable) or askubuntu.com/questions/141718/…