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I'm an independent Android developer currently working on an educational application. It's important to me to continuously improve development techniques so I can maximize the "ilities" of software I write (reliability, maintainability, testability, understandability, etc.)

Here's a mind map of tools and technologies I am presently using or investigating. You can click on hyperinks to bring you to related sites.

I'm particularly interested in using Model-Driven Software Development to keep my architecture consistent and well documented. I am not yet using Scala on Android for anything other than testing, but plan to eventually migrate to Scala for the application code.

Some of my favorite books:

  • Effective Java (Bloch)
  • Programming in Scala (Ordesky)
  • Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code (Fowler et al)

Some favorite tools:

  • Eclipse
  • Guice + RoboGuice for dependency injection, though plan to replace this soon as startup is much too slow on Android
  • OrmLite (ORM that works well on Android)
  • Robotium for Android integration testing
  • Eclispe EMF for MDSD
  • Powermock + Mockito for mocking

I learned a lot from Software Engineering Radio in its heyday.