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comment What are Stacks (in C++)?
A stack is LIFO, FIFO is a queue. It's one of the most well established data structures (first proposed in 1946); every book on algorithms or data structures ever written cover them in detail.
comment Validating input with cin
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I tried to make it clearer that the code wasn't an alternative solution so much as an illustration. (The question is why the behaviour is different, not what the best solution is.)
revised Validating input with cin
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answered Validating input with cin
comment I am having issues getting this scheme program to run. Trying to compute an employee salary and hourly wage
It looks like you need to review the basics of Scheme syntax before you start on your main function. Test each function in isolation (use the interaction window in DrRacket) before you put them together. (You'll notice that e.g. (computeSalary 1000) is nothing at all.)
comment Recursive procedure to tail-recursive procedure
In my experience, whenever I type "length", I know I'm on the wrong track and start over.
comment what does this line of sprintf code do?
It sounds like you've already understood what it does and how it works, so what do you mean by "how this is done"?
comment Choose the starting point of the Origin?
Print the rows in the reverse order?
answered How C compiler interpret this program?
comment Compulsory transformation between class and char *
*c is not a valid IndexInfo instance. No member variables exist. You can't know the value of something that doesn't exist.
revised Why does using `(char *[])` instead of `(char [][7])` for an array work?
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answered Why does using `(char *[])` instead of `(char [][7])` for an array work?
comment Rendering math formulas: algorithms
Do you want to render formulas (like "y = x") or plot the graphs of functions? (The question is off-topic or too broad regardless, but you need to search for the right thing if you want to find it.)
comment Sorting 2D arrays with qsort - correct typecasting
Do you actually have a 2-dimensional array, in which case the cast is very wrong even if you "correct" it, or a one-dimensional array of pointers?
comment Passing string as a argument in c++
strings are compared with == or its member functions, not strcmp. The rest of your code suggests that you should get a good book and start reading at chapter 1.
comment Can a C++ program run on Mac OS?
The code that runs on the Mac isn't exactly the same as the code that runs on Windows, parts of the program are platform-specific. The program is of course compiled for each platform separately.
answered Counting elements in a List
answered propositional logic valuation in sml
comment Solve equation C++
The equation is already solved for y. Are you sure that you're not expected to compute the value of y as a function of x?
comment Checking if two lists are equal at Nth position
@sam You defined 'compareList', but you're using 'compareLists'. I get that error if I misspell the function when I apply it.