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comment LoaderLock error on program termination
The C# code is running first and makes a call to a method exported by the unmanaged DLL. The first time the exported method is called, the DLL is loaded by .Net. It is during this load of the unmanaged DLL that the DLL cannot access files. But, the static variables in the DLL are initialized during the loading of the DLL. And, if their initialization accesses files, a LoaderLock error can result. The error appears to be thrown by the C# code that called the DLL method that loaded the DLL.
comment Dll compatibility between compilers
You could partly automate this. You would need to keep a file list of the classes and methods. A script could process that file, generating the files to be #included where needed. Keep in mind though, that the C dll functions would not be able to directly accept C++ instance* parameters.