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I define myself as a passionate software guy. Since my early ages, I have been looking forward for new technologies.

Furthermore, I lived how Internet grew from scratch: from plain hypertext to the internet of services and cloud computing. That is, I grew as Internet was evolving and I have been learning Web tech and programming since more than 15 years.

Actually, I am a self-taught software man who is also an enthusiast and a big fan of computing science, and this had led me to learn and go beyond myself every day, because I understand software as more than just code: it is creativity and innovation, and a great opportunity to share knowledge with other professionals.

Anyway, the tool does not make the professional. My principle is enthusiasts do great things. A tool is just a possible expression of some valid solution to get things done right!

What am I looking for? I am committed to grow, share, build, create, innovate. At the end of the day, learning and enjoying software!

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