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I'm currently the lead UI developer for HomeNet Automotive, a software company in West Chester, Pennsylvania. HomeNet provides advanced marketing software and services to the automotive industry, and was bought in 2010 by AutoTrader. I am also the author of SpaceMonger, a popular disk-analysis tool.

I graduated Penn State with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 1998. I started writing software when I was eight years old, and today am fluent in somewhere between 25 to 30 programming languages. My core focuses are on user-interaction, computational efficiency, compilers, and language theory — all concepts that when implemented empower people to do more than they could without them.

I've been around long enough in this industry to see a lot of technologies born, grow, and die. I'm not a fan of buzzwords, "paradigms," or the technology-of-the-day. I'm generally skeptical of most technologies and products produced by most companies, especially those that are supposed to make me "more productive." I'm a believer in "now you have two problems", YAGNI, and "Don't Repeat Yourself", and I strongly believe that an ounce of understanding is worth a pound of "solutions."

I spend most of my time today in C# and JavaScript, but I have written (and debugged!) over a million lines of C++, and have several hundred thousand lines of various assembly languages behind me too, including 6502, x86, SPARC, ARM, and even a little 68K for good measure. Toss in a little Perl, a lot of PHP, a dash of Ruby, a few pinches of Lisp and SmallTalk, and stir well.

In my personal life, I'm happily married with two cats and a dog, a nice house in the suburbs, and my hobbies include drawing and writing.

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