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  • 9+ years of experience in software development, this includes about 3 years of experience in managing projects and teams.
    • Experience in SIEM (security information and event management), vulnerability scanner products.
    • Experience in writing vulnerability signatures using NASL, Log/Event parsing using regular expressions. Experience on writing snort signatures.
    • Understanding of multiple network devices (IPS, IDS, UTM), database servers, web servers, operating systems for generating different events.
    • Extensive use of virtual environment (private cloud).
    • Experience in implementation and management of version control system (subversion), bug tracking tool (mantis), project management (TRAC).
    • Reverse engineering of PBX protocol using WinPcap, Ethereal.
    • Experience in software application development with C, C++ (Windows, Linux), Visual C++, and .NET(C#) in a server client with multi-threaded environment.
    • Experience in socket programming, multithreading, DLLs, windows internals and service API, desktop virtualization, VOIP recording.
    • Well versed in VOIP protocols like SIP, SDP, RTP, Skinny etc.
    • Involved in product architecture and design, having 2 years of Microsoft Project experience.
    • Experience in third party libraries like Boost, cURL, NSIS, QT.

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