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Java/Ruby/Groovy generalist with background in web development, dynamic (and less enjoyable) languages, and embedded systems.

"Microconsulting" available: extremely short-term, rapid turnaround, "solve your immediate problem"-style assistance for a variety of problem types. davelnewton at gmail dot com for details, quotes, etc.

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comment Why does upgrading jquery from 1.7.2 to 1.8.3 result in unrecognized expression
I'm not even sure what that selector is, shouldn't the = be inside the brackets?
comment NodeJS / Express 4 - Sqlite3 - Storing rowset into variable
Is this an sync db call?
comment How to modify add of ArrayList
You should only need to iterate through the list once, and break the loop if you've found it. Then if you have a found reference increment the count.
revised Handling custom exception in ANTLR4
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comment How to find stolen Android mobile
Google device manager. But ot for so.
comment Scopes in Struts 2 and standards for them
The value stack is where s2 puts its data. The value stack is contained within a JEE score (request I think).
comment NodeJS App npm install error
Please post text instead of images when the information is textual.
comment I want to run jade with angular module
Where do you load angular-resource?
comment Don't quite understand the mechanism of Dependancy Injection in Struts2 XWork
S2 uses an old (old!), hacked version of Guice for its DI. Personally I'd recommend starting to understand DI implementations elsewhere.
comment Can you POST a form to a struts Action, from an external site?
Request parameters should be blank after a redirect--a redirect is a new request. A post is a post, it doesn't matter where it comes from. Note that this forward isn't a redirect, though.
comment Scopes in Struts 2 and standards for them
It's not clear what you're asking. An S2 app is still a servlet-spec artifact, so the standard JEE scopes are there. S2 adds another "scope", the value stack, although it's implemented in terms of the only scopes available, the JEE-defined scopes.
comment Why can i access non “last in”-variables in the stack?
You're confusing a stack on which you, the developer, push and pop values, with the call stack, which is managed by the JVM. If you look at the generated byte code you might have a better understanding.
comment Rails 4: Always use a Postgres function for a certain model field
I might consider storing the unaccented version in a separate column so it can be indexed, and using an unaccented value when searching.
comment NetBeans Console doesn't show strings
Always use Chrome? Change console.log on the ones that aren't Chrome?
comment java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.jweb.beans.News
You're not deploying whatever it is that has com.jweb.beans.News, just like the error message says.
comment why does the output print JdbcOdbcConnection
Because getConnection doesn't return a JdbcOdbcConnection. Check the API docs.
comment ruby String class: what is the “%” symbol a method?
Because it's an instance method. stackoverflow.com/a/3331974/438992 Ruby has a lot of syntatic sugar. Same way you can override other operators.
revised Accessing variable of ArrayList inside class
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answered Understanding node `tmp` package
comment Make a class that implements an interface without altering the class code
He said have your code generator add it.