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Java/Ruby/Groovy generalist with background in web development, dynamic (and less enjoyable) languages, and embedded systems.

"Microconsulting" available: extremely short-term, rapid turnaround, "solve your immediate problem"-style assistance for a variety of problem types. davelnewton at gmail dot com for details, quotes, etc.

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comment Why doesn't Chrome Developer's Tools an JS Fiddle include classes and void while in the Javascript console?
Java was designed for things like set top boxes and other embedded applications. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_(software_platform)#History
comment Passing variable to javascript from html with spaces
I'm curious about the downvote since it is the problem.
answered Passing variable to javascript from html with spaces
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comment Does abstract class extend Object?
I wouldn't expect that to be a compiler error; it enforces an implementation. While I might not use it very often with Object, I might use it to tighten requirements for other APIs.
comment Splitting commenter text input into paragraph. Rails blog
The quickest is to replace newlines with <br/> tags and html_safe the result. Even nicer might be to introduce something like a Markdown engine, which gives you that functionality plus more.
answered Does abstract class extend Object?
comment writing a file path to a text file, how to omit the back slash?
@Xinzz What does it matter?
comment Push operation(user defined) for stack not functioning
Unrelated, but OldFirst is a poor local variable name because it goes against Java convention.
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Don't tag question titles
comment Error in javascript for parse.com
What makes you think that you have a syntax problem?
comment How to Read json data from server in jsp page in Struts2 project?
You're missing the dependency shown in the stack trace.
revised How to Read json data from server in jsp page in Struts2 project?
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comment How to Read json data from server in jsp page in Struts2 project?
What's returned in jsonResponse?
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comment The scalability of Parse
What's a "specific class of parse"? What does this have to do with parsing? How are you storing the records of that class? How are you querying?
answered downlaod a file from folder on the basis of passing parameter from jsp to servlet in java
revised Do I need separate Struts Action for each form?
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