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comment How do I convert a Ruby hash so that all of its keys are symbols?
Thank you for that clarification! You are completely right. I did what I should have done in the first place (looked at documentation) and found the String.intern method. It failed for me because it was running the k.intern property on a symbol instead.
comment How do I convert a Ruby hash so that all of its keys are symbols?
Just curious... Where did the k.intern property come from? Your snippet doesn't work because of it and because I'm not a pro Ruby-er the snippet is so damn efficient that it's difficult to make sense of.
comment Sass sourcemaps in Chrome not working. Flummoxed
An update to this answer: the --sourcemap flag without arguments has been officially deprecated. You must provide a type of sourcemap that SASS will generate, one of auto, file, inline, or none. From the command line help: --sourcemap=TYPE How to link generated output to the source files. auto (default): relative paths where possible, file URIs elsewhere file: always absolute file URIs inline: include the source text in the sourcemap none: no sourcemaps
comment Checking during array iteration, if the current element is the last element
I'm not sure why this comment isn't the accepted answer. It is far and away the simplest/cleanest of all provided answers and works for the vast majority of potential use cases (i.e. associative and enumerated arrays).
comment What is the best way to bind to a global event in a AngularJS directive
I attempted to submit a small edit but it was rejected. There is just one minor error in your (fantastic) answer. The parameter scope does not match the variable $scope. No biggie. Edit: I see that you already updated it from the edit submission. Disregard :)
comment Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. - CentOS 6.5
Can confirm that @SreekanthGS solution works perfectly. Prepending my $PATH with /usr/bin/pgsql-9.3/bin: and restarting my session caused the gem to install without a hitch!
comment URL of collection is specified but it returns error
I am starting to think it's because you are defining urlRoot and url simultaneously. Backbone is very opinionated about REST API design, and it will automatically build the model URLs based on the url property provided to the collection. It could very easily be that the url property it automatically assigns the models during that process is conflicting with the urlRoot property for the models. @ladislav_prague
comment URL of collection is specified but it returns error
Interesting... I've never used Marionette.js, though I've wanted to. If I were you right now, I'd start debugging this by removing any and all complexity from the application. Disable/comment out Marionette and try it with just the absolute minimum required to run your app. It's much, much more difficult to debug without taking out all the variables.
comment Backbone this.el vs this.$el
Also, if you found my answer useful I would certainly appreciate you marking it as accepted :)
comment Backbone this.el vs this.$el
Well... Yes. For the most part. But except in advanced Backbone techniques, the DOM element that this.el represents already exists on the page and should not need to be reattached to the DOM. The this.$el.html(someHtmlHere) method should update the DOM element in-place. In your example above, though, your execution is correct. The only change I would make (and hopefully you were already planning on doing this) was to .append() the item to a pre-existing ul.
comment Meteor using backbone for routing always loading one route
For the most part, yes. The code snippet in Second Thing is merely a map of the routes that the router matches, and represents the Router.routes property of whatever Router it lives inside. Also contained within that router are functions HandleNewServiceHelp, HandleOldServiceHelp, HandleAllPhoneHelp, HandleAllHelp, and HandleAllUnmatchedRoutes. All methods supplied as the route action inside the routes mapping need to have an identically-named function inside the same router. The functions DO NOT map to functions outside the router. (I think.)