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Learning Java when I was young, without a computer at the time, set me into the state of mind that I am today. I consider it to be one of my mother tongues.

When I was even younger I always said that I wanted to be an inventor and software development meant being able to create and invent new things without the traditional engineering restrictions. I loved the logic and the structure of things in computing from day one.

One of the greatest challenges that I've overcome was moving to England when I was 17. I wasn't very good at English back in Spain, but I always think that there is nothing that can't be done if you have the right attitude. At the time of writing, I mostly think in English.

I love challenges and problem solving. Learning new things everyday keeps my brain active. I also try to think out of the box, without constraining my availability to focus on an urgent problem when it is needed.

I consider code is an art. I use logical and analytical thinking as a guide for most, if not all, things in life.

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