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comment Find out, if hardware supports specific OpenGL feature
@datenwolf: I know that OpenGL supports it everywhere, but the performance differs significantly by a factor of about 200 in one case we have investigated. That's why we tried to provide a workaround in case the hardware or the driver seems not to support it or is at least very slow.
comment Find out, if hardware supports specific OpenGL feature
@datenwolf: NVidia explicitly states, that their Quadro series supports two-sided lighting in hardware, whereas this doesn't seem to be the case for the GTS series, at least its not mentioned at all. So maybe, this is just a feature of the corresponding driver, not the hardware itself, but if the driver does not support it, you can't use it without additional effort by writing your own shader programs.
comment Find out, if hardware supports specific OpenGL feature
In case the hardware does not support two-sided lighting, we implemented an approach, where the faces are rendered a second time with the orientation switched (ccw -> counter-ccw). This provided a huge performance gain in case there is no hardware-support for two-sided rendering. Compared to hardware-supported two-sided rendering, this is still slower, so we would like to use the hardware-support, if possible and otherwise switch to our alternative method.
comment CMake Fortran and Visual Studio
Which suffix do your source files use? If you use some non-standard suffix, CMake might not recognize your source files as being Fortran. By default, it then generates C projects. You might also try setting the linker language property of the library or executable explicitly, see set_target_properties.
comment How do I enable reverse debugging on a multi-threaded program?
There exists a link to a similar question here.
comment CMake Fortran Dependency Checking
You should ask this on the CMake mailing list, your chances of getting an answer is much higher there.
comment .emacs.desktop file destroyed by custom function
Just a short update after three weeks of experience with your solution: It seems to work without problems now, though I still don't understand, what caused the original problems. Thanks a lot again.
comment .emacs.desktop file destroyed by custom function
Thanks a lot. Lisp is not my primary programming language, as you already may have guessed ;-) I have replaced my version with yours, but only time will tell, if this ends my occasional problems. I will report, if this happened again in a week or two.
comment Design pattern “Container Visitor” without virtual methods?
You need at least one list of possible visited types. If you want to avoid the explicit list in "ContainedTypes", you could generate that list from the list of MyClass instantiations. But then you would have to list all those somewhere. From that list you could generate a typelist, probably a boost::mpl::set to avoid duplicates.The code for this list generation is rather tricky, so I would rather go for the list of ContainedTypes.