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I am a researcher for a government-contracted think tank who effectively writes code for a living.

comment How to get inference using Jena command line tool 'sparql'?
If possible, add a "Jena" tag to this question, to get the attention of those experts.
comment Inconsistent CSS hover effect in Chrome versus IE/Firefox
I had forgotten that spans weren't meant to contain other elements. I have the option to switch to div, so I made the minimal changes necessary in my example, and it worked! I am so grateful.
comment How to detect the usage rights (DRM) of a file
This answer turned out to be just what I needed. I tested it a little to make sure it could be piped to rm, and then did that to remove all the DRM-cruft in my music folder: ls -recurse | ? { $_.Name -like "*.wma" -and [bool]::Parse($wmplayer.newMedia($_.FullName).getItemInfo("Is_Protected")) } | rm
comment Using Jython with Maven
This answer is less than useful now, since I get a 404 error code at the given link. I believe the link was to Chapter 10 of The Definitive Guide to Jython I found where a new, working link is: Chapter 10: Jython and Java Integration
comment How to check whether a string is not null & empty?
Because StringUtils.isNotBlank(str) does the null-checking as well.
comment Different number of results with sesame2 and jena
As of the latest release of SPARQL 1.1, the only way to accomplish prop{1,3}, AFAIK, is an expression like prop|(prop/prop)|(prop/prop/prop). This, admittedly, doesn't really scale well to longer paths.
comment Java SE Version <-> Java EE Version compatibility matrix
Thank you. I had a look at the differences. My application is pretty small scale. I have recently introduced some AJAX code, so Servlet 3.0, introduced in EE 6, may be of interest.
comment How do I merge a parent fork?
Because 'upstream' was not my default remote, this is what worked for me (which I guess is compressing the fetch and merge steps given above): git pull upstream master
comment Client-side XSLT Processing in Chrome Browser seems to depend on JavaScript
I tested this XSL file against Chrome version 23.0.1271.95 m, and, just as with my web application, nothing gets rendered when I disable JavaScript.
comment I have no “refactoring” option in eclipse menu
I have this same issue. I understand where the refactoring menu is supposed to show in what perspective. My issue is that in my Eclipse for JEE Juno installation, I just do not see this menu item.
comment How to convert a normal Git repository to a bare one?
Noted. The only configurations I've ever cared about are global to all my local repositories.
comment SWI-Prolog http_post and http_delete inexplicably hang
Adding connection(close) to the Options parameter did the trick!
comment SWI-Prolog http_post and http_delete inexplicably hang
Thanks, Dmitri (my Cyrillic is rusty, so forgive me if I translated wrong). I didn't know about formatting with backticks.
comment Read entire text file into a Prolog variable
Thank you! This did the trick for me. I had seen discussions of using DCG's for arbitrary input, but could not make the connection to how this could be used to read in an arbitrary file.
comment How do I design and load my Prolog source files so I don't have to manually use_module?
At first I thought you hadn't read my question closely, but then I saw that you meant, put ':-' in front the use_module predicate at the beginning of the source file. It worked, and I think I understand why. Thank you!