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I am Broski, professional Web Developer, and here are the highlights of my career so far.

I was first introduced to the Web while earning a Master's in Education at the University of Michigan. My academic research focused on using the Web in a classroom setting and though my career as a science teacher was short lived, my passion for the Web lives on.

The first major Web application I developed was a homeowner's insurance inspection system to facilitate collection, assessment, delivery and reporting of insurance data. I worked with inspection companies and directly with several of the major insurance carriers. It would have made me a millionaire if it weren't for an unscrupulous competitor and their lawyer but c'est la guerre.

Working on the eCommerce site for TechSmith (the guys that make SnagIt and Camtasia Studio) I learned the power of usability studies to improve conversion and focus a team to a common purpose. While there I discovered Ajax by reverse-engineering Google suggest. Ever since I have been a huge Ajax evangelist and fanboy.

A few years ago I dove into the HTTP spec and Fielding's thesis and did not come up for air until I deeply grokked REST.

Recently I discovered that using canvas and HTML5 I can make mobile web apps that are indistinguishable from native, no matter what that monkey Zuckerberg says.

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