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Guess the first thing I'd have to say here is that I LOVE PROGRAMMING. If my computer could generate enough heat to cook on it as well, I could combine 2 of my favorite things.

I love facing new challenges, even when they sometimes drive me nuts, seem impossible and make me doubt myself, it just leads me to research more and better myself. Along this same line I'd say I'm a pretty humble guy, never liked to toot my own horn; whenever someone tells me that I'm doing something good, did a great job or I'm a genius (for some reason) I tend to stare them down and tell them "don't lie to me", guess that as well keeps me in a state in which I'm always thriving to learn more and better myself.

My third great love (besides programming and cooking), are videogames, both to play and (attempt to) make. I love this so much that I tried to get as many other people as I could into it, that's why I started an elective course on game design and development at my university, and I'm proud to say it's full every single semester.

I also enjoy reading comics and graphic novels, fantasy and sci-fi books, good wine and cigars.

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