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I have a programming/informatics background and have worked both as a programmer and an educator.

A Hoodiecrow (corvus cornix) is a big fat opportunistic bird of the Raven family. It has glossy black to ash grey plumage. The flight is slow and heavy and usually straight.

I am a big fat(1) more or less pragmatic guy who is a friend of the Raven family. I have black to ash grey hair. I am pedantic and wordy and usually get the work done.

Why a nick on a site like Stackoverflow? It's not to hide my identity (hello, my name is Peter Lewerin and I live in Mariestad, Sweden). I just feel more comfortable this way: I'm Peter Lewerin all day at work, when I talk to the people at my kids' school, etc. When I'm home, relaxing, surfing the wikis and the forums, I'm Hoodiecrow(2). As you can tell from the description above, there's some amount of self-deprecating humor and a pinch of personality reveal about the nick that my name can never convey.

Disclaimer: any answer that I post is just that: an answer to a question. When I answer, I make every reasonable effort to provide a correct and complete solution, and am informally, time permitting, willing to explain, discuss, and improve it. I do not however take any formal responsibility for the results of using my solutions and am not obliged to maintain or further develop them.

1) No, I'm not Dennis Nedry. But I am a bit overweight.

2) except for on the Tcler's Wiki, where I'm PeterLewerin or PL, for hysterical raisins (to wit, Hoodiecrow hadn't hatched yet back when I joined that wiki).

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