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comment Defining correct ids for new bookmarks in OpenXML document
Thx for the clarifications. I've changed Decimal.Parse() to Int32.Parse() in case it makes a difference.
comment Func vs. Action vs. Predicate
For what it's worth, in C++ the notion of predicate also means that the function is assumed to be a "pure function", i.e. it should always produce the same result if given the same input, while simple functions-producing-bools do not give such a guarantee. Of course, this is not enforced by the compiler or anything, but explicitly stating that a function parameter is a "predicate" helps documenting this sort of assumption (which can be rather important in some contexts, e.g. for multithreading).
comment Visual Studios 2010 include Regex Error
We may need to see the contents of this "std_lib_facilities.h" header file. It is possible that junk content in this file trigger compilation errors that end up being reported in "regex".
comment Understanding the syntax : crc ^= *((unsigned char *)memptr)++;
Actually, ++ takes precedence over * so the post-increment is applied first. The error message is due to the fact that the result of the cast is a temporary pointer, which is not an l-value so it can't be incremented (whereas the result of dereferencing is a lvalue so it would have been legal code if the * had been applied first)
comment SEARCH or FOUND inside of vector problem
You will need to define Book::operator== for this to work, since std::find cannot "guess" on what criteria you want to compare the books (are the titles sufficient ? do they actually need to be the same physical object ?). For example, you could define bool Book::operator==(const Book &other) const { return title == other.title && category == other.category; }