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The Lounge

It's the room of thousands topics. I can be ofen found there. If you are planning on joining for the first time, please read the newbie hints first.

On Github Recurring C++ Interesting talks Shameoverflow

This account contains all my public projects. I mainly code in Haskell and C++, but you might find some projects written in PHP, Ruby or Python.

On Twitter

This account is managed by some stalker of mine. The tweets are just sad and wrong. Don't follow and don't establish contact. Any attention will make her stronger.

Buy Beer

Recent experiments, that I've painfully self administered, have lead to the conclusion that the Ballmer's peak manifests itself around ~0.4l of a ~4% beer with a weight of ~75Kg while having full stomach. Help mankind by financing research.

And some random quote:

I like my job. Oh, I like it a lot. And I'm not depressed by it. And I don't think the world is full of criminals and full of murderers. Because it isn't. It's full of nice people just like you. And if it wasn't for my job, I wouldn't be getting to meet you like this. And I'll tell you something else. Even with some of the murderers that I meet, I even like them too, sometimes. Like them and even respect them. Not for what they did, certainly not for that. But for that part of them which is intelligent or funny or just nice. Because there's niceness in everyone, a little bit, anyhow. You can take a cop's word for it — Lieutenant Columbo

  1. Don't engage in PC vs Mac arguments

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