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Talented, innovative, and hands-on Software Infrastructure and Quality Assurance Director with over 10 years of experience specialising in Continuous Integration / Delivery & Automation Design / Implementation.

I just recently joined the talented folks at dotCloud to help propel Docker in to the stratosphere.

Prior to dotCloud, I worked at ClairMail, Inc for 7 years which grew from a 10-person start-up to successful acquisition from Monitise, a publicly traded company based in Europe.


I have the uncanny ability to understand technology, implementation details, and their assosciated relationships and dependencies very quickly. Clear in communication, I can help develop a strategy that will meet your company objectives

I have sucessfully trained, managed, and grown both local and offshore teams, implementing delivery strategies that allow business to keep pace with the market.

Specialties: Efficient team building and management, organisation scaling, White, Black, and Integration Automation, White box testing, Process implementation, Unit testing, Tool development

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