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Currently developing w/ Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. I also produce, direct, and edit video promotional material, including motion graphics.

comment Guard Giving “uninitialized constant Listen::Turnstile (NameError)” Error
Updating from guard 1.4.0 to guard 2.0.5 was the trick for me.
comment JSON error with coffeescript & Rails asset pipeline
I tried downgrading execjs to an earlier version thanks to this blog. That seems to have fixed it for now.
comment How can I find unsupported / deprecated jQuery functions in a JS file?
Looks like jQuery-lint is no longer under active development, plus it only supports a few (old) versions of jQuery. Is there anything else out there that will check code for deprecated jQuery?
comment Multiple File Upload using Carrierwave and JQuery File Upload
I was running into this issue due to the change in 3.2.13, and it was driving me nuts…so confused until I found your answer. Thank you!!
comment Detect whether bootstrap carousel is going fwd or back
Seems that the Carousel only sets relatedTarget when it's not "looping" (i.e. going to 'next' from the last slide or going to 'prev' from the first slide). I built a solution based on that knowledge, but your answer got me in the right direction.
comment How does a migration from a Git branch get run on Heroku if a later migration from a different branch has already been run?
guides.rubyonrails.org/migrations.html#what-s-in-a-name seems to agree with Simone's answer.
comment Is the version number in rails schema.rb used for anything
I'm not sure whether this answer used to be correct, but it looks like it's not anymore. The What's in a Name section at guides.rubyonrails.org/migrations.html#what-s-in-a-name makes it pretty clear that Rails will attempt to run any migrations that haven't yet been run...even if a later-created migration has been run.
comment Carrierwave crop specific version
This is fantastic, thanks so much! One small problem, though...in your manualcrop method (inside "profile_uploader.rb") you reversed the order of the last two parameters for crop. According to RMagick documention it should be img.crop(x, y, width, height).