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comment how to copy files to users home directory or current directory using distutils?
i already have a basic setup script which installs svnplot in python site-packages folder. However, after installation, if you to run the svnplot then you have to give the full path of svnplot.py file. Hence I want to create a shell script, batchfile or another python script file which will be executed from user's home directory. I am not sure what you mean by 'its just a copy-and-pate' in your file brower.
comment Useful tools for working with Subversion
SVNPlot - code.google.com/p/svnplot
comment Undo SVN delete ./* --force
just saw the comment "I should clarify, these files were never made it into the repository." Somehow didnot realize it when I wrote the answer
comment How to avoid running out of memory in high memory usage application? C / C++
Another reason could be 'memory fragmentation' (i.e. memory is available in small chunks but when you ask for '1 Mb', contiguous 1 MB chunk is not available. Does the XML parser uses 'heap manager'? May be XML parser is using standard memory allocation and causing fragmentation ?