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Sitecore devlopment, .NET, XSLT, XML, C#.

comment Any API to read Engagement Values?
@YogeshSharma I've added an example to my answer. If it need more work the please let me know.
comment Get Sitecore User from within WebMethod?
Please provide some code for your ticket processing, and the error details
comment Access data stored in WFFM Reports programatically
@MarkUrsino By default the forms database is SQLLite and sits on the production web server in website/Data in Sitecore 6.
comment Sitecore and Json serialization - weird conversion
Can you post a code snippet? Are you treating your values numerically, or as strings (there will be at least an implicit string conversion to the JSON output)?
comment Is it possible to use the Segment Builder rule “Matches Pattern” as a page editor personalisation option?
@MartinDavies edited question: Sitecore.NET 7.2 (rev. 140526)
comment Sitecore page component architecture suggestions
You may want to consider using the $name token for one of your component fields, e.g. a title. This will encourage editors to give the item a usable name, as it saves them having to type the same text twice.
comment Is it possible to define different icons for placeholders, components and edit frames in the Sitecore page editor “component navigator”?
Hi Mark, I'm not sure it will help - edit frame buttons have icons set, but these are for use in the content editor and the little floating button strip in the page editor. It's specifically the bullet points you see when you can navigate up to an ancestor I'm trying to get hold of :-)
comment Can I set the root folder for the image insert button on a rich text editor profile?
We actually have multiple sites per template set and multiple template sets, so it gets a touch complicated. Editors may have permissions to edit across any site. For component default datasources and datasource locations we rely on queries to localise the data. So if I can get a single profile per template set then I can at least localise the root folder with that override. I'll try and find out how to get hold of the current item from the InsertImage control. Hopefully that's simpler than trying to use a query to localise the RTE profile!
comment How do I get the value of a WFFM field as a tag and output it in a Sitecore DMS report?
Hi Mark, I looked at the .mrt files (well I opened the report in designer in the web interface - is that the same thing?). Is the syntax for extracting the tag value the same as the syntax for getting the value of the inbuilt tags, just with the field name from the form?
comment Sitecore 7 Sends ASPXAUTH with expiration date in the past on Firefox and Chrome
As it's unlikely the server code for setting cookies varies between browsers you may want to check if there's a difference in interpreting the expiry time setting between the browsers. Check the raw cookie data to see if it's the same.
comment Sitecore ECM XSLT helpers
It looks like you've escaped your $email variable with ' '.
comment Is there a CSS shorthand to write a rule that overrides a property for multiple classes if they are descendants of a specific class?
Thanks, but that's not an option for us.
comment Are there any configuration settings for file upload with Sitecore Web Forms For Marketers?
WFFM 2.3.0 rev.131126, on Sitecore 7.0 rev. 140120 (7.0 Update-4).
comment How to save a multi-culture versioned form submit using Sitecore Webforms for Marketers (WFFM)?
Do I understand this right? You have a language versioned form on a standard language versioned Sitecore site. The form submits to the WFFM module, where it triggers a custom save action. The custom save action calls a webservice, which creates/updates an item in the master database. The webservice doesn't run in a language context, and doesn't accept language as a parameter. What's important here is working out where you lose language, and where you need it. Save actions, for instance, include a "localized parameters" field. We use this e.g. to specify local from addresses in email responses.
comment What cookie does a .NET ADFS claims aware web application return to the client browser on receipt of a valid token?
So if I'm developing a native iOS mobile app I'll have to implement cookie handling for a set of n cookies, rather than a single named cookie?
comment What cookie does a .NET ADFS claims aware web application return to the client browser on receipt of a valid token?
Mainly because a SAML token can get quite large and we want to support mobile devices. Round tripping the whole token might be a bit extravagant for mobile data usage / delivery speed, especially on low quality networks. I think your answer below provides a route for us, thanks.
comment why does clicking links in Excel/Word appear to cause my non-IE browser to masquerade as MSIE 7.0?
Hi, I added an answer, if you're still looking for one.
comment What is the reccomended default index fill factor for Sitecore CMS and OMS SQL database indexes?
I tried to flesh out your answer but unfortunately my edit didn't make it through the review process, so I posted it myself.
comment What is the reccomended default index fill factor for Sitecore CMS and OMS SQL database indexes?
I just got a reply from Sitecore support which suggested anything between 50-75% for the CMS and possibly as low as 25% on frequently updated (but seldom read) indexes in the OMS. The disclaimer was that this all comes under the heading "application specific tuning" - so test what works, adjust how often you rebuild indexes and find the best balance.
comment Language versioning, security permissions and workflows in Sitecore
No, language-write is a global property, it can't be localised to a part of the content tree without a customisation. That's why we're going to add extra languages. We'll probably just use languages with culture settings very close to US English, rather than create custom languages/cultures - it's a hack, but we don't want to have to install custom cultures on every dev machine and server.