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Linkedin: Christian Hochfilzer
Dribbble: Christian Hochfilzer
Twitter: Christian Hochfilzer is a San Diego web development and marketing firm founded by Christian Hochfilzer, Leo Baghdassarian and Kris Fredrickson and is composed of a tightly-knit group of highly talented and experienced UX Designers, Usability Experts and BigData Development Pros.

At the heart of NetConstructor is the simple belief that our results speak for themselves. We understand that regardless of how aesthetically pleasing any website, application or marketing campaign maybe, or how much theoretical sense the technique makes, unless one is able to deliver measurable results and meet customer expectations it's failed.

The majority of our efforts are spent supporting and delivering results for the clients of some high profile design agencies but whenever possible we enjoy working directly with firms. Generally speaking, we are called up on when clients are looking to either:

  1. Increasing Sales, Business Intelligence & Online Positioning
  2. Reducing Operational, Marketing & Support Costs

Our teams experience includes such firms as ACE Parking,,,,,,,, and various others.

What sets NetConstructor apart remains our high attention to detail, our tightly knit team of gurus, and our focused on delivering quantifiable results focused on current/future growth.

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