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I have always loved programming. Although I have used many languages, my preferred area is web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) with ASP.NET (preferrably .NET MVC) in C# or Ruby on Rails.

comment -[CFString retain]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x215076c0
Can you elaborate on this. I never saw this in development, but it is happening to people now. Did you mean that you needed to release matchRequest?
comment Ruby/Rails if/else case statement
I believe that the issue is that JSON.parse never returns nil. I can't find that in the documentation, but I can't get it to return nil.
comment Create a select tag with some options grouped and others not grouped
Nice. I have since moved on and I ended up doing something similar to what you suggested. Thanks for an answer! It's not slow if you include all the data you need in one query.
comment javascript test if div has text in it
In the example, the div without text has a space in it. The trim removes the space. If you are sure there wil be no whitespace, then you don't need the trim.
comment Rails 3: Permalink public profile
In this example I provided in the answer, the User model has a property user_name, so you would do it like this: <%= @user.user_name %>.
comment Ruby Truncate Words + Long Text
Truncate is nice. If you just want the code for the truncate method, you can find it here: github.com/rails/rails/blob/…
comment Allow a delay before the swipe
I like this idea best. It seems the cleanest. I'm off to watch the WWDC videos on this. Thanks.
comment What is the difference between a .xib file and a .storyboard?
What about for transitions between views, though? I know that there are segues, but there are only a few different styles of segues. I assume that you can still transition between views the same way as before, but if you are not using a segue, it would look weird in the storyboard, right? What are your thoughts on that?
comment Float counting, Negative Zero?
Beat me to it! Also, it is showing -0.00000 because it is truncating to 0 for display, but from the negative side.
comment iOS checkout for website
It sounds like you don't have access to the ticket-selling website's code. Is that right? Does the ticket-selling site have an official API to allow 3rd party developers to do this?
comment cast of Objective-C pointer type 'NSString *' to C pointer type 'CFStringRef' (aka 'const struct __CFString *') requires a bridged cast
Awesome ARC explanation with clear __bridge examples.
comment How to convert hexadecimal “string” into actual hexadecimal value in .NET?
Check this out: stackoverflow.com/questions/74148/…
comment Simple Sequence of GIT Commands
In order to be able to just do a git push, you probably need to do a git push -u origin master once. That will make your local master branch "track" the remote master branch. After that, you can just do git push or git pull and it will know what to do. (FYI, this tracking gets setup for you automatically if you get the code via a git clone.)
comment Quickest Way to Manage Git over a network
I have never seen such slow times with Git. Git was meant to have one repository per project. Did you put the whole svn repository (multiple projects) into one git repo?
comment Run Ruby program until error
Interesting... I just looked it up and the do is optional. I don't think I've ever seen it there before.
comment Run Ruby program until error
+1 except there's no do on a while loop.
comment How do client-side web-based agents work?
On Windows, LogMeIn is a windows service. I'm not sure how it communicates since I haven't used it in a long time. I have used Dropbox, and it just asks the server every so often if there is anything to sync. You can see this communication if you install Fiddler.
comment Rails 3: “field-with-errors” wrapper changes the page appearance. How to avoid this?
I don't see it as a hack. The display property being used before this css is added is block which is causing the visual difference that is not desired. It doesn't negate any other layout styles on the tag. However, Ryan Bigg's answer is perfect if you want to change/remove the tag that wraps the field with errors.
comment Rails tests showing 0% passed when all pass
For me the problem was that I was using guard-test instead of guard-minitest. The guard-test gem was dependent on the old test-unit. Along these lines, you might just want to check your Gemfile.lock to see if Bundler is requiring a different version of test/unit because of one of your gems. Another way to test your gem dependencies is to run this: ruby -rbundler/setup -rtest/unit -e "puts ::Test::Unit::TEST_UNIT_IMPLEMENTATION". If it says uninitialized constant Test::Unit::TEST_UNIT_IMPLEMENTATION (NameError), then you're not using minitest.
comment TDD - How to test simple get list
Ya, I would write one test that that looks at all the properties of you object and makes sure that you can properly retrieve them from the database or wherever you get them. It's a small test and simple to write. It depends on your language and testing framework. Rails makes this easy, but at work, I don't have the luxury of using databases that I can populate for tests. So, I have to get creative. We're working on that.