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  • coder.
  • dork.
  • nerd.
  • geek.
  • proud gaymer.
  • grammar nazi
  • (but oddly capitalization bothers me not a bit, nor does spelling. i just care that you speak properly)
  • Я очень люблю русский язык. Он очень красивый язык. Говорю он очень плохо, но я хорошо пишу и читаю.

video games rock my face off. i'm currently playing:

  • Final Fantasy XI (char name: magnavarus: Mithra RDM:6; Burghard: Male Hume RDM:7)
  • World of Warcraft (char name: dominusmagus: Level 15 Blood Elf Demonology Warlock)
  • (I am solo in both games above, and would seriously love a friend/party on either!!! ^_^)
  • Final Fantasy V Advance
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age
  • i'm an RPG whore. especially turn-based RPGs. if you have any good recommendations lemme know!

leet speak makes me want to pull my hair out. (if you speak leet, please know that you're completely ridiculous, and need to learn that numbers do not have pronunciations. kthnxbaaaiiii)

      "Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession. Love me or hate me that is the question. If you love me then thank you. If you hate me then fuck you."
                                                                                                                        -Lady Soveriegn

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