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I'm a childfree computer geek, and owned by my cats.

I'm a Python and Django programmer, competent with Javascript, a fair hand with Emacs Lisp, and know how to read Haskell without my brain melting. I spend most of my day in various Zsh shells, Emacs, and Firefox; I'd spend it all in Emacs alone if I could. I weirdly dislike large displays and multiple visible windows, finding myself quite comfortable flipping rapidly in Xmonad between several full-screened applications. I adore Git and hate using any other VCS (and not for lack of experience). I got suckered into the world of Apple a few years ago, and recently switched back to an entirely open-source environment; I run Arch Linux full-time on my MacBook, and keep a Nexus One in my pocket.

My non-programming interests include anime, board and card games (e.g., Dominion, Settlers of Catan), Dance Dance Revolution, economics, firearms, futurepop, hard science fiction (e.g., Greg Egan, Charles Stross, Peter Watts), psychology, and transhumanism.

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