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Gordon Breuer was born in November 1981 in Cologne. He is involved in developing web, mobile and desktop applications since 1999. In the beginning he learned the basics with Borland Delphi 1.0 and PHP / MySQL and used classic ASP within some jobs. Since 2004 he’s working with C# and ASP.NET (MVC) on .NET 2.0 - 4.0 in addition with MS-SQL, as well as WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. He is trying to put as much effort into the .NET community as often as he finds some free time.

Currently he is employed as a Technology Producer at the DATA MODA digital engineering GmbH in Mainz, a cross-media agency. He passed his education as a Designer of digital and print media specializing in non-print media operations in June 2009 with distinction. Previously he was employed as a deputy CEO of Boxfix Ltd., a small hosting provider in Duisburg. While his law school, that he canceled after sixth semester, he was employed in the department for online marketing of the juris GmbH, a big company for legal databases.

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