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comment About Read timed out (SonarQube 4.5)
I am also running into this issue on 4.5.2. In SONAR-5849 it is mentioned that a change was made to "Allow to configure HttpDownloader TIMEOUT instead of having a hard coded value of 20 seconds". How can we take advantage of this to work around this problem?
comment Cannot enable JMS types in OracleXE 11g - component 'CONSTRUCT' must be declared
As far as I know, I have not looked into it since.
comment MSDeploy - revert website deployment
Do you just want to remove the site that was deployed completely, or do you actually need to revert a site back to it's previous state before it was updated with MS Deploy?
comment Combining sql queries
If you just add the senderID to the list of columns selected in both queries, then do a left join just like you found the link you posted, that should work.
comment Server sent unexpected return value (500 Internal Server Error) on SVN commit
You might need to look in the event log of the subversion server to see what the content of the 500 error is.
comment Remove directory from svn, but keep it locally
What subversion client are you using?
comment Using “if” condition inside junit element in apache ant script
Not exactly.. you won't be able to use the if inside junit, but there may be a different way to accomplish your ultimate goal. What are you trying to make conditional about your junit task?
comment SVN update not working after SVN relocate
Sure, when you check out a working copy from subversion, it remembers what revision number it is currently at. That way, when you do an SVN Update it goes out to the server and says give me all the changes from my current revision to the HEAD. You checked out a WC from a server with version 13456 then relocated to one that did not have that version number, so anytime you try to do something that involves getting changes or applying changes to that revision, it can't do it becuase the revision doesn't exist on the new server.
comment Is there a way to dynamically build Ant elements from within an Ant script?
Ah,I see. I have wanted to do that same thing before, but never found a way to do nested elements dynamically with ant.