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Physicist by training, now a programmer by choice. My languages of preference are Java and C, although I am also skilled in C# and many assembly languages, and competent in Perl, general shell scripting, and a handful of other languages I use less often. I can speak basic SQL. I write my HTML by hand and prefer table-free page layout.

NOTE: I never do retaliatory downvotes or anything petty like that. I am here to learn as well as to teach. If something I write is worthy of a downvote, please leave a comment to let me know why. If I am incorrect, I want to know!

I use Linux by preference, but also develop extensively under Windows. I've developed under various embedded and custom OS's and RTOS's (primarily Microware OS-9 and VxWorks), assorted UNIXes, VAX/VMS, and assorted Windows releases. I've played with RSTS/E and a few other operating systems that are unknown today.

My home website is pretty sparse, but will some day be populated. Really.

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