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comment Kernel mode Free BSD socket
The same is done in Linux using NETLINK. But how to do it in FreeBSD ?
comment Socket error:90:Message Too Long
Hi Nik, As said, Now it works fine for packet sizes <= 1500. It throws erro:90 for anything more(even for 1501). I tried using setsockopt() to increase the SO_SNDBUF but no effect from that call. Since send( ) call cannot be used for raw socket bcos it is connectionless and the same reason for IGMP packet I am still using sendto( ). I want to know what holds good for setsockopt( ) to SO_SNDBUF change. - Thanks - Sathya
comment Socket error:90:Message Too Long
HI, I am attempting to send an IGMP packet 'pigmp->igmp_type = IGMP_MEMBERSHIP_QUERY;' and not a TCP or an UDP, I suspect the sequence of calls/things I am doing in the code may be wrong or the arguments/values which I am using for filling the structures should be wrong. I checked and could not find a fault in those aspects. So using send( ) instead of sendto( ) is not hleping to fix this. Anyone worked on IGMP (Multicasting) can throw me some light. -Thanks in advance -Sathya
comment Socket error:90:Message Too Long
Thanks Nik ! for the help. Does that mean for this scenario I should use send( ) and not sendto( ) and the exact message size (even if it is more than 1500 default size?!) and not the buff size.