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comment How can I correct smudged font rendering in Visual Studio 2010?
Both screenshots are from the same PC. In fact, the window of VS2008 is ontop and offset to VS2010. At first I was imagining it (dirty screen, dirty glasses, inside lighting, outside sun), but when I started VS2008 and opened a project I saw the difference immediately. The text was just sharper.
comment Apache Virtual Hosts and mod_rewrite conflicts
So how do I change this order. The only thing I have in the apache2.conf is a reference to the sites-enabled directory. I can't find anything on how to change this order, except unloading the default site which is impractical.
comment Apache Virtual Hosts and mod_rewrite conflicts
thanks I'll give this a shot. If I add other subdomains I need to add them to the rewreitecond?
comment Hidden features of mod_rewrite
This has been THE most useful guide I've found on mod_rewrite so far. Just finding out about RewriteLog helped fix so many problems that what was taking me days to track down turned into a few minutes. (I mean the rules were written but I couldn't figure out why they weren't working)
comment Creating a custom datagridrowview
There is no binding in the traditional sense. I have a collection of column names and I create the row for each item. Each row has a checkbox column, name column and a combobox with the destination. I just need to iterate through the datagrid to find which columns get used and where they go to.