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Super-Green-n00b programmer; to be more accurate, I'm coming from a Tech Support background (translation: VBS-conditioned, and yes, I can acknowledge that my mind has been mutilated by BASIC, but I don't regret it entirely).

Trying to make an earnest effort to transition to Python, especially since it has so much good press (StackExchange community & otherwise). That and 2 extensions have caught my eye: py2exe & pywin32. The Django Framework has me pretty excited about web development, especially since PHP is pretty scary to me (ironically, I'm also trying to work with Wordpress, lol - no, I'm not bashing PHP, just that my own inadequacies as a programmer prevent me from embracing another language).

Got a decent handle on HTML/XHTML & CSS, but they're not really programming, so that further attests to my n00b status.

Hoping to eventually get into Web Development as a profession within this year, but if not, Walmart is always hiring =D (and there's always next year).

Thanks to everyone who's helped me previously and thanks in advance to all those that will have to tolerate this neophyte.

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