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Senior in high school once fall starts. President of the school's programming team. We do Java. I'm trying to start them in PHP/JavaScript for other competitions. I do PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, and some others. I prefer web development over application development.

I like web development because it actually works and works fast. My experience with similar Java and C++ projects is broad, but not successful. I know I'm just missing something, but PHP/MySQL/JavaScript is just a good combo that clicks for me.

I also do a lot of audio stuff, including production, recording, playing, and writing software and visualizers. You could say I am very much an audiophile, and I would have to agree with you.

Biggest Thing

Everyone that plays any kind of video game needs to play Tribes: Ascend (T:A) for a number of reasons.

  1. It's just that amazing and good.
  2. It's free.
  3. You get to go fast. (200 km/h is slow)
  4. It's free.

If you don't already play, you can get the game here, or go visit them on facebook to get your free beta key (Windows only, I'm running Parallels just to play).

Also, you can follow me on GitHub.

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